Making the case for bringing precision oncology testing in-house in complex healthcare systems

Developing the business case for bringing cancer testing in-house can be a daunting task for laboratory, pathology, and other scientific professionals. In this presentation, Dr. Gregory Tranah, of Sutter Health, discusses opportunities and challenges that bringing in-house testing to a large, complex, health system presents. Dr. Tranah will discuss critical success factors such as personalization, portability, safety, and accessibility for others who are considering embarking on this path.


Gregory J. Tranah, Ph.D.

Scientific Director of CPMC Research Institute
Executive Director of Precision Medicine Research, Sutter Health

Dr. Tranah directs the Personalized Medicine program focused on identifying genomic predictors of treatment response for several highly malignant cancers and analyzing circulating tumor DNA to track response to treatment. During the recent Covid-19 pandemic Dr. Tranah has initiated several large scale serology studies to assess antibodies in the Sutter Health biobank population, among CPMC physicians at high risk of exposure, and in a maternal cohort study to assess the exposure history of all birth mothers across Sutter Health.

Brady Davis, EMBA

Senior Vice President, Canexia Health

Mr. Davis has more than 25 years of leadership experience in the life sciences, healthcare, and software fields. Previous roles have included Vice President of Market Development and Strategy at DNAnexus, head of Strategy and Market Development for Illumina focused on informatics, and the head of Healthcare Strategy and Business Development at Oracle.