Treating Late State Cancer Patients During a Pandemic: An International and Multidisciplinary Perspective

COVID-19 has had dramatic impacts on all aspects of healthcare, including treatment selection and monitoring of late stage cancers. This international, multidisciplinary panel discuss their experience and insights on maintaining high levels of care in the midst of a global pandemic, as well as their perspectives on how care may be transformed in the long-term.

Learning Objectives:

1. Hear from experts in pathology and oncology how COVID-19 has impacted late stage cancer care in their communities.
2. Learn how COVID-19 has accelerated the adoption of new technologies in precision oncology in some geographies


David Huntsman, MD, FRCPC, FCCMG, Chew Wei Memorial Professor of Gynaecologic Oncology, Professor: Departments of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine and Obstetrics and Gynaecology at UBC (CANADA).

William G. Morice, II, M.D., Ph.D., Chair of the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology & President of Mayo Labs Rochester, MN, (U.S.A)

Joerg Kriegsmann, Medical Director of Sonic Germany, aka Molecular Pathology Trier, (GERMANY)

Dr. Rosalyn Juergens, B.S. (Hons), MD., PhD Associate Professor, Department of Oncology, McMaster University, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Oncology, The Johns Hopkins Medical Institute (CANADA).